The Dead Raising Team Founder


    Tyler’s journey into the miraculous was just that: a journey. Much of that journey started the day his father died in his arms from a sudden heart attack. Over the next five years of Tyler’s life, he reevaluated much of what he had been taught about God and life itself.

    Through much prayer, and with the help of a few select individuals in Tyler’s life, he came to the conclusion that it was in fact God’s will to invade earth with heaven in supernatural ways. He began to see miracles take place when he would pray for people, which validated his sneaking suspicion that God’s healing was available for all.

    Even more significantly, Tyler began to believe that Christ didn’t just obtain for men the ability to be made well through His sacrifice, but that men did not have to suffer the loss of loved ones through death. Matthew 10:8 began to burn in Tyler’s heart, and he desired to see this verse manifest in fullness rather than through only the healing of a body that was still alive. Tyler wanted to see others spared of the pain his own heart went through that morning that he held his own father in his arms as he died. Tyler’s hatred for death is not just theological, but closely linked to his own experience.

    This led Tyler to fling himself into praying for the dead whenever he got the chance. Soon others heard about this, especially after resurrections began to take place, and began to join him. After some time, the Lord released Tyler to travel and train others in the revelation of Christ: The One that is Abundant Life.

    Since the DRT has been started, Tyler has written 4 books, two being fiction, and two non-fiction. Tyler and his wife Christine are blissfully married with four kids. They hope to see a DRT started in every city in the world, so that nobody could die without being prayed back to life.

    Tyler is a graduate from Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry, spent many hours in the International House Of Prayer prayer room, recieved a BA at Biola University, was discipled by Floyd McClung, and has had the honor of speaking at conferences with some of his heros such as Bill Johnson and David Hogan.

Tyler Johnson: DRT Founder

“You can let the circumstances of life take your faith and defeat you, or you can let them help set your face like flint all the more, building towards your refusal to stand by while the enemy continues to kill, steal, and destroy.”

        -Tyler Johnson

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