The Vision

Jesus came to die not just for sin, but sickness as well (Is 53:4-5). Sickness leads to premature death, and God hates it with a fiery passion. God is looking for people that will be His love and power to a world in need. He desires that none shall perish, that all should be healed, and that those taken prematurely be brought back. 

The Gospel and the power and love therein is not for a selected few, but for anyone that receives Christ. No longer is the working of the “greater” miracles limited to a select few, but to anyone that is hungry for more. The line between the lay and the laity is being erased by heaven.

Globally, there is a tribe of people being raised up that are not content with sitting in pews. They are inspired to walk as Christ did, in humility, character, love, but also, incredible power. They believe that they are destined to work even greater miracles than those that Christ demonstrated while on earth. They are people that desire to raise the dead.

We believe that walking in resurrection power is the inheritance of every believer. In fact, in order for the dead to be raised on a consistent basis, there needs to be people that are ready to pray for resurrection in different geographical locations across the globe. Anywhere people die prematurely, God desires that there would be people that know His will on the situation and bring the Kingdom to earth, manifest in resurrection power. God desires that every Christian have the faith to raise the dead. Therefore, we are believing God to raise up people from across the globe with a desire to obey the commandment to raise the dead in Matthew 10:8. 

The trumpet is being sounded. If you desire to pray to raise the dead, contact us. DRTs are popping up all over. Where ever we go, we hear the same proclamation ringing out from the heart of the people of God, “We will not stand for our loved ones and those in our city to be taken by the enemy!” The Bride is rising up in her God-given authority and righteous indignation, and God is pleased. 

If you would like to fulfill Jesus’ commandment in Matthew 10:8 to raise the dead, send us an email and we will help you start a Dead Raising Team in your city. Starting a DRT is very simple, and causes heaven to applaud. The DRT is available to come to your fellowship and do a “School Of Resurrection” if you desire. Out of such a school a DRT can be started. 

We love you and pray God’s best for you. 



A like-minded Network, Fulfilling Matthew 10:8

The power and love of the Gospel is not limited to those that have studied, hold positions in churches, or the super-stars on television. The power of the Gospel was intended for every believer. Therefore, it is God’s desire that His people be empowered to do the “greater works” that Christ spoke of in John 14:12